Why is it that EVERYTIME I’m about to break up with him – I end up wanting to stay with him even more! Ughhh

What isĀ wrong with me!!! šŸ˜¦



School is still kicking my BUTT! I am terrible… I hate myself… Why can’t I just do what I say and stopĀ procrastinating… What’s wrong with me? :'[

I hate my life…

I know I say it everyday… I keep imagining all these horrible ways of killing myself or hurting myself. It’s pretty sick… I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t cut myself because I know that if I do – I will loose control and cut too deep… I want everything to be over with, but I’m just afraid… And I feel like it’s not fair because once I kill myself, I won’t give myself the chance of living life happily when I can… I can’t really control it now, living with my grandparents… They make my life so much more miserable. I want to kill myself… But I’m afraid… And I have faith for the future; when I won’t have to live with them anymore… Sadly; I’ll have to be an adult…