Grandparents Found My Suicide Note…

This is about 2 week old news, but my nosy grandmother snooped through my journal and found it. Let’s just say it said some pretty bad things especially about them… It’s not my fault she looked through my shit… It said some things about my mother and nonexistent father as well.


My Mom Is Here

She got here yesterday afternoon.

I wish it wasn’t under the roof of my grandparents, but I’m just glad she’s here… This is pretty much what happened about 5 years ago. But worst now. But it will get better :] 

I’m still trying to stay strong. We’re both on the pursuit of happiness. Her adolescent and child years weren’t so easy, and it affected her life. And her children; my sister and I.

*Note: She only ended up staying for about a month 😦

Wow… Things never can get better, can they?

Of course… A day after The last post; I found out, things won’t be working out at all.

My mom has been in a shelter for some months now, but I had a little hope that she would get out and she would actually be able to take care of me again because I hate living with my grandparents so much, but now that’s totally not gonna happen because she’s in another shelter now… And looking forward to her not being there anymore gave me something to look forward to and it made me happy lately… And even though I’m used to all of her broken promises by now, it always kills me because I still try to hold on to a little faith and then bam… I’m tired of her bull****… I resent her so much. Things will never change, will it…