My Grandparents Are Back…

They’re back from Jamaica… Yay… That means I have to go back to their house… I hate my life… *literally crying*


Sad but not depressed anymore – Maybe a little…

My life is barely getting better… But I’m trying to stay positive. Just forcing myself to.

I really wish I could move back to NY… So badly. I really hate living with my grandparents. I want to live with my mother back in the city and not in a shelter… But that’s probably not going to happen – any time soon. *Tears shed*

My younger sister gets to live with my uncle now. They’re about a 15 minute ride away. She’s so lucky. I’m jealous. Because she has a life. And they’re great people. And they do stuff. They have lives… Like normal people.

It only makes me hate my life even more.