I Think I Have a New Crush…

Just a little one. Nothing serious.

And this time I actually talk to him and yadda-yadda.

Just a random update, since I don’t post much.

Oh and my procrastination hasn’t gotten any better. -.-


No Time to Be Sad

I’ve been making myself so busy lately with extra circulars and switching to all honors classes that I have no time to be depressed. I like this. It’s tough; but I’m finding solutions to my problems. I’m feeling a lot better lately 🙂

I’m focusing more on my music now. Jazz singing, rock singing, and Piano! I’m going to do great things!

16 Years Old!

I don’t want to grow up! I cannot believe I am 16!!!

I actually dressed up today. I looked very cute. I wore a pretty dress that I had for 2 years and have never worn.

I was kind of sad a bit towards the end of the school day, but then I got to see my mother! That is what made my 16th birthday the best 🙂

** My birthday is not today. It was 2 days ago.