My “lovely” grand mother…

She is seriously at least 30% of the reason why I hate my life or get depressed…

I really do not want to have much contact with her when I get older… Same goes for my grandpa in a way too. Because they constantly contribute to me loathing my life and making me want to kill myself.

I’m not even gonna bother ranting about her or calling her foul names even though I really want to, because then I’d seem immature or look like a “bad person”, so I’m just gonna say that she makes my life miserable and she always has… It’s been like this forever… Even when I was younger (about 9 & 10), she made me depressed, so I know I’m not just exaggerating or making these things up.


I was really going to kill myself today, but I’m scared and I don’t know how. The funny thing is: I only feel this way when I am in this house. Rarely anywhere else… 


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