More About “Me”…

I think I’ve made this blog because I wanna talk about my “life” since no one really understands or cares and I wanna share my interests and views with others in my biosphere while while they share theirs with me :]

I love food and singing. I love music. I play piano – but I can’t read music too well :\ Weird right? I also like photography and painting and creating modern art. I wanna get into it more – but I need art stuff and a decent camera. But I don’t get allowance, so… How?

I’m 15 years of age … I am currently living in the the middle of nowhere for a while now :[ (with my grandparents) I miss NY soo much… Or just living with my mom. The only thing I love about where I live right now is my few friends which I pretty much never get to hang out with, because my grandpa doesn’t let me do anything (almost literally). And also the scenery in the part of PA I live in is BEAUTIFUL! Which sucks because I can’t really explore considering I can’t do anything… I might change that though… I’m tired of not being able to do anything… I get excited just to go to Walmart… That’s sad… I am the definition of someone with “no life”.

I kinda hate my life. And I wish I could change that – but I try… I understand I have it good compared to many people in the world, but the doesn’t make me like my life any more honestly. And I honestly blame by mom and my “father” who hasn’t been here – for my life. I shouldn’t be here… I’m on a pursuit of happiness; but it’s hard sometimes…

But enough with my depressing things…

Thanks for actually reading about my “life” 😀

Feel free to talk to me! I love giving advice and helping others.


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